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Welcome To ElectForum.Com

This forum has been created for students of the Shepherd's Chapel. We
are scattered but we are not without a Shepherd or a teacher. We are so
thankful for the ministry and that we have had the opportunity to study along 
with you chapter by chapter and verse by verse. We hope this forum will
provide a place for you to meet other like-minded people locally and from
around the world. Please understand this forum is not associated with the 
Shepherd's Chapel but has been independently created by students of 
Shepherd's Chapel.

About The Forum 

We would just like to issue fair warning to detractors. We do not welcome 
those who would slander the Chapel or it's teachers. It is our wish to assist 
one another and maintain a peaceful community that we all can enjoy. If 
you are unfamiliar with The Shepherd's Chapel you are most welcome 
here. We would be happy to speak with you and we encourage you to 
study along with us. 

Register Today

It only takes a few minutes and you'll be glad you did. There are many students
here just waiting to meet you. Please note* we cannot get mail through to AOL.
Those with AOL should sign up for a free Yahoo email account instead.

Special Thanks 

We extend our deepest thanks to Pastor Arnold Murray, Pastor Dennis 
Murray, Pastor David Murray, and all the Shepherd's Chapel Staff for their 
dedication and commitment to teaching God's Word.



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